Studying Abroad

Our joint degree and double master's offerings allow students to gain valuable experience abroad during their studies.

Contacts abroad

A stay abroad offers many advantages. You expand your personal horizons, get to know other countries and new people, and thus acquire important intercultural and language skills with regard to your professional future. In addition, you expand your professional expertise and gain insights into another international teaching and research institution. The stay abroad can also be useful with regard to your international networking, e.g. if you complete an internship in a foreign company.

Double Master's programs offer you the opportunity, for example in the M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, to obtain a second degree at partner universities in Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Sweden or Spain. You complete the Master’s Joint-Degree "Maschinenbau/Mechanical Engineering" at the University of Stuttgart and at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, each for half of the study period.

Double Degrees and Joint Degree

Energy Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Engineering etc.

Mechanical Engineering / Materials and Production Engineering (WPT)


Engineering Cybernetics

Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering (WASTE)


International Service Point of Stuttgarter Maschinenbau

Mechanical engineering in Stuttgart is interdisciplinary, diverse and international. With our International Service Point (ISP), we offer national and international students of faculties 4 and 7 a departmental contact point on the topics of international affairs and stays abroad. In addition to the wide range of services offered by the International Affairs Department, the ISP is happy to provide information about our exchange programs (Erasmus+, overseas), the joint degree, and our double master's programs. It also supports our international students, who come to us from one of our numerous partner universities around the world, in their orientation in Stuttgart and during their studies at the University of Stuttgart.

International Service Point of Stuttgarter Maschinenbau

This image shows Esmeralda Compagna

Esmeralda Compagna


Coordinator International Service Point

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