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Stuttgarter Maschinenbau – diverse and interdisciplinary

We are the Stuttgarter Maschinenbau – a network of institutes of two faculties, university facilities and non-university partners. Together we advance mechanical engineering.
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Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart

With more than 330,000 employees and the highest share of sales in Germany, Baden-Württemberg is the center of the German mechanical and plant engineering industry. The Stuttgart region is the heart of this center.

Technical innovations have made our region known far beyond its borders. Mechanical engineering therefore has a high status and a long tradition at the University of Stuttgart: We have been teaching mechanical technology for over 150 years.

Scholars such as the legendary mechanical engineer Carl Julius von Bach had their place of work here. Bach was the first rector of the then Technical University. He founded eight mechanical engineering institutes, the Materials Testing Institute and the Engineering and Machine Laboratory.

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Dekane Möhring und Scheffknecht mit Pferd des Stuttgarter Maschinenbaus

Join us in shaping the future of teaching, research and technology in mechanical engineering.

Stuttgarter Maschinenbau



Stuttgarter Maschinenbau

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Ralph-Walter Müller



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