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Through our networking and diversity, we advance interdisciplinary research in a wide range of fields and develop innovative, future-proof technological solutions for society, business and industry.

Interdisciplinary and Diverse

From pacemakers to vehicles and energy systems to factories: Mechanical engineering in Stuttgart combines the know-how to develop, design, build and (autonomously) control a wide variety of machines and sustainable, socio-technical systems. By socio-technical systems we mean the interaction of people and machines, i.e. complex and usually adaptable systems with people at the core, who interact with technical components.

Strong Partner in Research and Teaching

We place great emphasis on DIVERSITY not only in our research, but also in our teaching. With our 27 degree programs, we offer excellent future prospects tailored to the individual skills and interests of our graduates.

Join us in shaping the future of teaching, research and technology in mechanical engineering.

Stuttgarter Maschinenbau

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Equal Opportunities and Diversity

At Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering, we understand diversity - true to the University of Stuttgart's guiding principle "Intelligent through Diversity" - as a great potential for a wealth of ideas and new approaches. It is of great concern to us to establish equal opportunities and to further strengthen the promotion of our scientists in the research institutions for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.

Diversity is essential: for excellent science, for successful teams and for our personal development. Diversity of perspectives is the basis for successful learning, respectful action and an important part of our university culture.

Prof. Dr. Monilola Olayioye, Faculty 4, former Vice Rector for Early Career Researchers and Diversity



Stuttgarter Maschinenbau

Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart, 5. OG

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Ralph-Walter Müller



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