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Already earning top money as a young professional? Have secure and interesting career prospects with the best opportunities for advancement? An engineering degree offers countless opportunities to work on socially relevant issues during and after your studies and to find solutions to the major challenges of our time. We are looking for committed young talents!

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A degree program in mechanical engineering in Stuttgart provides students with all the scientific and engineering knowledge and skills they need for a successful career.

We offer

  • a modern and broad-based course of study with excellent research opportunities

  • future-relevant, interdisciplinary courses of study, because mechanical engineers develop solutions for the pressing issues of the future

  • the prospect of a secure and exciting job: engineers are increasingly in demand in industry and shape society through their inventions
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Did you already know? Engineers:

  • are already among the top earners as young professionals

  • are more satisfied with their career choices than other university graduates

  • are also welcome in non-specialist areas due to their broad-based training

  • make up half of the academics employed in the private sector

  • have the best chances for promotions

  • easily find new challenges and fields of activity

  • work in research, development, design, project management, technical administration, sales or corporate management

  • have a wide range of career options from classic plant and mechanical engineering to the automotive industry, medical technology and precision engineering to energy and process engineering
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My reasons for studying mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart

Michael Voigt, M.Sc., now PhD student at the Institute for Engineering Design and Industrial Design

This is what a former student says:

  • Interdisciplinarity and diversity of projects in which theses can be written

  • Practical studies through laboratory practicals and test series (especially in the basic studies, then in the master's degree also with industrial practice)

  • Solid, broad specialist knowledge with technical-mechanical reference (something to "touch")

  • Strong industrial relevance due to close proximity to large companies, Fraunhofer institutes, industrial lectures, etc.

  • Very good support in teaching due to the large number of scientific staff who assist with learning

  • Equal opportunities, support and promotion programs (MentorING, etc.)



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University stands for theory and practice, fundamentals and application, technical and scientific progress through research, teaching and study

Studying at the University of Stuttgart, students benefit from

  • a great deal of support during the introductory phase of their studies

  • good education: scientific, well-founded and fundamentally oriented

  • a wide range of specialization options and a comprehensive range of courses (Bachelor's and consecutive Master's) at a top university

  • a high degree of practical relevance through internships, student research projects and theses, and excellent contacts to companies and employers - right from the start of your studies

  • study opportunities abroad and an international environment

  • a lively student life and opportunities for a wide range of activities

  • excellent prospects for jobs in research and development, technology, administration and management

  • a broad basis for all that is necessary for responsible and creative participation in shaping our future!

Located in the innovation and technology hub of Stuttgart and thanks to cooperations with industry, business as well as research, we offer an excellent interdisciplinary and practical education.

  • With its key sectors of automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering and IT, Stuttgart is the industrial region with the highest turnover in Germany and one of the most powerful business locations in Europe. In addition to large global corporations such as Daimler, Bosch, Porsche, IBM or Hewlett Packard, the Stuttgart region is also home to numerous so-called "hidden champions" such as Stihl or Festo and a large number of small and medium-sized companies.
  • Stuttgart is one of the strongest research locations in Germany and the center for research and development in Baden-Württemberg. 45 percent of the state's research and development capacities are concentrated here. In order to communicate scientific topics to a broad audience, the city of Stuttgart organizes the so-called Science Festival every two years. This demonstrates the close connection between science, business and urban society.
  • Stuttgart is one of Germany's cultural capitals and has a lot to offer in terms of sights and events - be it in the areas of culture, art and theater, sports or architecture. Festivals such as the Cannstatter Wasen or international sporting events not only attract visitors from many countries, but as a cosmopolitan city of integration, Stuttgart is also home to people from 172 nations.



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