Project House NanoBioMater

Interdisciplinary research with biological and synthetic building blocks: In the project house NanoBioMater, researchers are developing functional materials for medical technology, diagnostics and environmental analysis.

Welcome to NanoBioMater!

Functional materials for medical technology, diagnostics and environmental analysis are being developed with biological and synthetic building blocks in the interdisciplinary project house NanoBioMater. Researchers from the biological, material and engineering sciences work on interdisciplinary projects. In shared spaces they exchange scientific opinions  to work on intelligent biocompatible materials.

Three team leaders bundle local cooperations, provide access to the infrastructure of the partner institutes, supervise theses, organize seminar events and further expand the national and international networking of the research area. NanoBioMater is financially supported by the University of Stuttgart and the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

The aims are novel nanostructured biogenic synthetic formulations for cell culture and tissue replacement as well as miniaturized systems for environmental, food and medical diagnostics.

We are working on our english homepage. Because of that, our content is currently only available in german. 

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This image shows Christina Wege

Christina Wege

Prof. Dr. (apl.)


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Günter Tovar

Prof. Dr.

Director (acting)

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