Our participation in the Biomedical Systems "Punch & Posters" meeting

November 27, 2023

Sharing our 3R-US results with the Universty of Stuttgart scientific community

Let's Talk Science!

Continuing last year's tradition, the yearly meeting of the Biomedical Systems members at the University of Stuttgart brought together experts from interdisciplinary biomedical and engineering fields to present and discuss their research over punch and holiday treats.

The gathering included progress updates from the Seed Project tandems funded by Terra Incognita Biomedical Systems last year and a warm welcome to the new tenure track professors, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Franziska Traube, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Amirreza Aghakhani and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Chengzhe Tian. The latter three new members had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work through short talks, enchanting the audience with exciting topics, from the understanding of cancer progression and drug resistance develoment, to advanced computational methods to study such resistance mechanisms, and all the way to the development of intelligent microrobots for the targeted administration of drugs, microsurgery or diagnostics. 

The poster session was the perfect opportunity for early career researchers from the Biomedical Systems community to showcase their work and results on a broad range ot topics such as biotechnology, bioengineering, sensor technology and nanotechnology as well as biointelligent systems and robotics,  all with the ultimate goal of offering innovative solutions for personalized healthcare and novel state-of-the-art biomedical technologies. 



Kai Hirzel at his poster on de novo tumor tissue reconstruction

3R-US talking science over punch and posters

Our 3R-US PhD students Stella Asmanidou and Kai Hirzel brought their exciting projects into the limelight through their insightful posters on the ex vivo tissue slice culture platform for novel drug testing, as well as the de novo development of 3D-printed biologized structures that mimic tumor architecture and physiology, as alternatives to the testing of therapeutics in vivo. 

We are grateful for the productive scientific exchange and networking opportunity, and are looking forward to next year's event! 


Stella Asmanidou shared her results on tackling acquired drug resistance with novel biotherapeutics using tumor tissue slice cultures
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