Skeletal muscle modeling and simulation

Biomechanical modeling & simulation


Research group of Prof Oliver Röhrle

Our Research

Oliver Röhrle’s research focuses on the modelling and simulation of biomechanical systems and covers all relevant aspects in the process, starting from experimental data collection to physics and material modelling. A core topic is the investigation of skeletal muscles and other soft tissues across the scales – from the cell to multi-muscle-systems – and including phenomena like activation dynamics, stiffness estimation, tissue growth and adaptation, and the modelling of magnetomyography (recording small magnetic fields produced by the electrical activity of muscles) as well as electromyography (recording a muscle’s electrical activity in response to stimulation).

Focus on the 3Rs

With this expertise, Oliver Röhrle provides a generalized view on the complex biological systems he tackles. Particularly, the multi-physics and multiscale perspective allows answering “what-if” questions, meaning the prediction of tissue/system changes due to therapeutic treatment, like, for example, drug supply. Doing so, the models and in silico methods developed by Oliver Röhrle and his research group ideally connect to experimental setups such as lab-on-chip. Such combined in silico and in vitro setups allow for thorough investigations of living tissues and provide huge potential for the reduction of animal testing.


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Oliver Röhrle



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Raluca Tamas

Dr. rer. nat.

3R-BioMedicUS Scientific Coordinator

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