3R-BioMedicUS represented at the National 3R Network Meeting

October 6, 2023

3R-BioMedicUS taking part in the 3R dialog and the shaping of the German 3R culture during the two day national 3R network meeting organized by the BMBF in Berlin

The first network meeting on current developments, perspectives and challenges of 3R-focused research, under the motto "Shaping the dialog together", took place in Berlin on the 5th-6th of October 2023. The colorful program brought together numerous experts in the field, offering discussion rounds, master classes, workshops, an idea lab as well as a poster exhibition and 3R-forum where all 3R centers, including 3R-BioMedicUS Stuttgart Research Initiative, could present their activities. The meeting fostered open dialog and exchange, networking and gaining new insights around the 3R principles.
3R-BioMedicUS flyers and posters at the 3R-forum session
The 3R-BiomedicUS presentation booth at the 3R-forum of the meeting featured materials that highlight our research, training and communication activities.
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