Mass Personalization (SPI-MP)

Stuttgart Partnership Initiative

Excellent basic research on fabrication and biomaterial technologies for personalized biomedical systems.

The Stuttgart Partnership Initiative - Mass Personalization (SPI-MP) research network at the University of Stuttgart focuses on excellent basic research on fabrication and biomaterial technologies for personalized biomedical systems:

  • Interdisciplinary research at the interface between production technology, biomedical technology, and material science.
  • Transfer of scientific findings to the general public via the High Performance Center Mass Personalization.
  • Excellent cross-faculty teaching in the field of Mass Personalization.

Our goal is to expand research focusing on Mass Personalization at the University of Stuttgart, especially in the field of biomedical systems.

Janina Ulmer, Managing Director SPI-MP

High Performance Center Mass Personalization

The SPI-MP is part of the High Performance Center Mass Personalization (LZMP), a joint initiative of the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institutes. The SPI-MP aims to boost networking between existing research initiatives at the University of Stuttgart and the High Performance Center in order to pave the way for further projects and partnerships. 

Research projects at the SPI-MP

How can biological cell matrix protein (for organ replacements, for example) be processed with micrometer precision at manufacturing rates of several liters per day?

Participating institutes:

How can personalized spinal orthoses be optimized to suit both individual body shape (size, segment lengths) and characteristics, as well as the individual expression of skeletal deformity, whilst also taking into account manufacturing capabilities, and how such products could be made using multi-axis 3D printing?

Participating institutes:

Colin Reiff

Can personalized operating cycles be developed for exoskeletons in human models, and could this help to optimize propulsion?

Participating institutes:

A successful spin-off

Prototype of customized bike grips

Personomic is an example of a successful start-up. The company is a spin-off of the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) and develops customized bike grips. These are customized using 3D printing, which means that they fit perfectly, which reduces pressure on the hand. The researchers have developed a software to enable customers to scan their own hand geometry using a smart phone. Following the purchase of the product, the data is automated to create a personalized product form that is then produced using additive manufacturing.

This image shows Janina Ulmer

Janina Ulmer


Geschäftsführerin der Stuttgart Partnership Initiative – Mass Personalization (SPI-MP)

This image shows Günter Tovar

Günter Tovar

Prof. Dr.

Director (acting)

This image shows Volkher  Onuseit

Volkher Onuseit


Academic Council

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