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Advanced Materials Innovation and Characterization – A center for multi-scale material characterization and visualization at the University of Stuttgart

The challenges of the future regarding energy efficiency and conserving resources in all areas of the industry demand more and more complex technologies for producing components and developing infrastructures.  Key is the usage of application-specific materials. The extensive characterization of materials of different length scales is crucial to understanding a materials’ behavior under certain strains, especially when it comes to complex systems such as functional materials, compound materials and biomaterials. In order to understand correlated effects within one material and between several materials, the characterization and visualization of certain traits, as well as the calculation of such traits on different scales, are essential.

The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading research facilities regarding material research for various applications. It stays in close contact with the local industry by exchanging the results of its applied research. The goal of this interdisciplinary research center for material characterization and evaluation is the pooling of resources and the strengthening of the collaboration between field scientists to promote competency and innovative forces.

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