3R-BioMedicUS at THE 3R LÄND Conference in Tübingen

May 27, 2024

The 3R-BioMedicUS team represented the University of Stuttgart at the 3R LÄND Conference 2024

The 3R-BioMedicUS team represented the University of Stuttgart last week at the yearly meeting of the 3R Network Baden-Württemberg and the 3R LÄND Conference hosted in Tübingen by the 3R-Center Tübingen for In vitro Models and Alternatives to Animal Testing at the University of Tübingen and the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute in Reutlingen. The program attracted academia, clinicians, industry representatives, regulatory agencies, and policymakers in the biomedical and pharmaceutical field alike. A strong emphasis was falling on organoids, organ-on-chip, and in silico models contributing to accurate, efficient, and human-centered research, reducing the need for animal testing and advancing biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Within the session focused on the development of novel approach methodologies (NAMs), such as organ-on-chip, organoids, and in silico models, 3R-BioMedicUS member Prof. Oliver Röhrle (Institute for Modelling and Simulation of Biomechanical Systems) gave an overview into the chances and challenges of in silico modelling of skeletal muscle function.

In addition, the poster session offered our 3R-US PhD students the opportunity to present their work. Both Ann-Kathrin Löffler from the lab of Prof. Roland Kontermann at the Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology (IZI) and Julia Thiel from the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (IKP) at the Robert Bosch Hospital use various complex in vitro and ex vivo models to test novel biotherapeutics that target the immune compartment to tumors, while Kai Hirzel from the group of Jun.-Prof. Michael Heymann at the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Systems (IBBS) is developing de novo replicas of tumors using 3D bioprinting and microfluidic systems.

Last but not least, our 3R-US PhD student Stella Asmanidou (Prof. Monilola Olayioye lab, IZI) gave a fascinating talk within the session on personalized medicine, with focus on the modeling and treating of cetuximab resistance using ex vivo colorectal tumor slices.

We were happy for the amazing opportunity to engage in exciting keynote lectures, scientific presentations, poster sessions, and networking activities!

Stella Asmanidou explaining the principle of tissue slice cultures during her talk
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